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The Malhutan Chronicles

Malhutan versus The World – In the near future, global corporations contend for political and economic control of the Global Union, a one-world government.  The last opposition to Elite domination is Malhutan, a cooperative society on the Kamchatka peninsula. An epicenter of nonconformity and creativity, only Malhutan’s tightly guarded secret of life extension treatment deters […]

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The Archivist

In 2052, Artificial Intelligence surpasses humans, and global technology collapses overnight. Thirty years later, primitive communities struggle to survive. Throughout this broken world, a secret organization called The Archives seeks to preserve what knowledge and technology has been left in the ashes. However, a Luddite cult-The Disciples of Earth-is just as determined to ensure there […]

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The Princess of Panchala

The Princess of Panchala is the first of four books in the TerraMythos Science Fiction/Fantasy series based on MMORPG games and computer programmers/developers. If you like online role-playing game or the TV series Caprica, you’ll love this book. And while it could cross-over into YA, it is definitely written for adults. When Demie eludes a […]

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