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The Archivist

In 2052, Artificial Intelligence surpasses humans, and global technology collapses overnight. Thirty years later, primitive communities struggle to survive. Throughout this broken world, a secret organization called The Archives seeks to preserve what knowledge and technology has been left in the ashes. However, a Luddite cult-The Disciples of Earth-is just as determined to ensure there will be no technological rebirth for humankind.

Retrieval Archivist K’Marr’s mission seems : make contact with a source in a remote port town and trade vital technology that could secure humankind’s future.


"I do also have to note that the pacing in this book was absolutely flawless, it could be used as a textbook example in a creative writing class on how to pace an action based novel. The author doles out the action in the perfect doses to never completely satisfy but keep the reader craving just a bit more leading to my use of the aforementioned clichés ‘Couldn’t put it down’ and a ‘Real page turner’"

Sci Fi Monkeys