What Up?

This “What Up?” section is for what authors call AMA, or Ask Me Anything, and meant to be a forum for dialog with readers and fans. Visitors can submit questions about writing, getting published, balancing work/family with writing, or (since I did get a degree in Counseling) just plain life in general.

On Writing

Q. Which helps you more with your writing: The logic of your IT career for creating plot, or the psychology degree for creating character??

To be honest, I have to say that my psychology degree, along with many years spent as a crisis hotline volunteer has proven immensely valuable in developing deep, multi-faceted characters.  Every writer has to find her or his own path of artistic development, so a psychology degree may not be for everyone, but I would absolutely encourage at least some study of psychology, whether it is formal or informal.

General Questions

Q. What is the happiest story you can write in 4 words? What about the saddest?

The happiest – “They found her alive!”

The saddest – “Jesus returned, looked, wept.”