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The Princess of Panchala

The Princess of Panchala is the first of four books in the TerraMythos Science Fiction/Fantasy series based on MMORPG games and computer programmers/developers. If you like online role-playing game or the TV series Caprica, you’ll love this book. And while it could cross-over into YA, it is definitely written for adults.

When Demie eludes a supernatural abduction, her younger sister is taken instead. The teenager escapes into an alternate universe to find that she is stuck with divorced parents, a reputation for being crazy and that her sister was never even born.

Consumed by guilt and determined to regain her sister, nothing prepares the girl for the moment when her consciousness is thrust into Panchala, the online Hindu MMORPG game world where her sister was taken. There, Demie meets Princess Draupadi, who is not just a guide and the key to finding her sister, but is Demie’s only friend.

While Draupadi and Demie search for answers they are pursued by Kali the Destroyer of Worlds, a demi-goddess the game programmers created to destroy Demie. The fabric of Panchala begins to disintegrate around Demie, threatening to wipe out her existence if it collapses.

But she will risk her life to bring back her sister, or die trying.