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Science Behind The Stories

Science Behind “The Archivist” (part 1)

“The Archivist” is a novel which takes place in a near future, post-apocalyptic world. In 2052, Artificial Intelligence surpasses humans, and global technology collapses overnight. Thirty years later, primitive communities struggle to survive. Throughout this broken world, a secret organization called The Archives seeks to preserve what knowledge and technology has been left in the […]

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Science Behind “The Archivist” (part 2)

This post will continue to look at some of the science that I incorporated into “The Archivist” which will come out in August 2015 through Evil Girlfriend Media. Although in-vitro fertilization has been around for decades, and undoubtedly some people reading this post are so-called test tube babies, a major scientific breakthrough took place in […]

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Science Behind “The Ruin of Avalon”

The lead piece in my story collection, The Baylah Run is titled “The Ruin of Avalon.” Brendel is a xenoarchaeologist, investigating ruins that are 10,000 years old on the planet of Avalon, when he makes a startling discovery about the fate of the lost alien civilization. This find could have dire consequences if it falls […]

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Science Behind “Until The Stars Themselves End”

My first story involving an actual alien, “Until The Stars Themselves End,” comes from “The Baylah Run” story collection. Written from the alien perspective, the main character Ax’thana is similar enough to humans that the reader can relate to her, but as part of a predatory, single-gendered species that communicates through both scent and sound, […]

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Science Behind “To Dream Of Summer”

“To Dream Of Summer” is an urban fantasy witch story, about a young woman who has grown up in the shadow of her spell crafting prodigy of an older sister and is content to let her gifted sibling take over the family business. Marisae just wants to pursue her own dream: to be a Major […]

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Science Behind “The Last Flight of The Aven”

In “The Last Flight of The Aven” the main character, Eva, uses wings made of nanofibers, that can change shape. The story takes place thousands of years in the future, in the sunset of humankinds history. The idea for the story was sparked by thinking about what the last band of Neanderthals must have felt, […]

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