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The Onset Of Darkness

This full-length play asks what happens when the family of a murder victim has the right to press the button that executes a death-row inmate?  And when the family members are on opposing sides, one determined to press the button and the other intent on life-imprisonment, what secrets will come out in the hours leading […]

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Scenes From The Crossroads

Scenes From The Crossroads is a set of five short plays (12-15 minutes) that are intended to be performed together as a two-act set in a holistic presentation, but they can also be performed individually.  These thought-provoking plays were designed for a set of four actors, two male and two female with minimal set requirements.  […]

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The Final Scene

This one-act, 30-minute play follows the shooting of the final scene of a movie, while director Wolfgang Kohlman grants an exclusive, no-holds barred interview which ranges from the loss of his never-seen first film to the dramatic split from his movie-star wife, and the larger-than-life father that haunts him from beginning to end. To date, […]

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