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The Baylah Run

This collection of SF&F stories range from flash and short fiction, up to novelletes and the title piece novella, exploring worlds far and near, from the present to the far distant future.

This collection of both science fiction and fantasy stories features:

  • The Ruin of Avalon – a xenoarchaeologist uncovers the alien, ghostly echoes of a long buried catastrophe
  • Advent – An octogenarian finds that her homecoming proves to be bittersweet
  • Until The Stars Themselves End – an alien wrestles with her own race’s version of political correctness
  • Last Flight of the Aven – a young woman faces a bitter choice at the sunset of the human species
  • Five – how much is even the worst human life really worth
  • To Dream of Summer – a young witch must decide whether to stay true to her principles
  • The Church of the Risen Dead – a preacher finds that his zombie congregation includes his undead wife
  • The Devil’s Choice – sometimes there are no good choices, especially on the steppes of Siberia
  • The Royal Gambit – some secrets are best left hidden, especially when they concern family
  • The Malhutan Proxy – how does a lawyer defend his client, in a society that does not have laws
  • Mayflower-1219 – the truth is a relentless huntsman
  • The Baylah Run – the title piece novella explores the cost of revenge